Stationeers Wiki

Farming is one of the exploitation mechanics in Stationeers, focusing on using hydroponics and other agricultural technologies to produce consumables that sustain you and your crew. The plants grown with farming can be used to make Food as well as medical supplies and chemical compounds using Chemistry.


Growing plants in Stationeers requires some initial set-up but is not so difficult to manage once it's up and running. After placing Hydroponic Trays, you could directly plant seeds in them. But in order for your new seedlings to grow and survive, you need an appropriate environment. Plants require sufficient CO2 in the surrounding atmosphere as well as sunlight, and H2O supplied with pipes connected to the trays.


Chickens can be bred in order to produce Eggs, fertilized eggs will hatch in the right atmospheric conditions. Living chickens will attempt to eat food that they find on the ground in order to stay alive.