Stationeers Wiki

Stationeers is an upcoming space survival game where you are put in the shoes of an astronaut attempting to construct a space station and survive. The game will attempt to simulate the experience of living in deep space accurately, from ensuring your basic needs are met to successful away missions.


All the following features are planned for the game and are subject to change
  • Inspired by Space Station 13, the game is designed with no specific end in mind, best visualized as a loop: BuildSurviveExploreExploitBuild.
  • Complex systems around atmospherics, power generation, medical, agriculture, food, and gravity require your thought and management at all times.
  • Detailed construction system including architecture, power, and networking.
  • Science-based atmospherics system including temperature, pressure, combustion, gas mixtures.
  • Gravity simulation. Lose structural integrity in a room and the room loses gravity.
  • Full physics on dynamic items in the world, including atmospheric effects such as explosive decompression.
  • Farm livestock and grow plants for food in space! Independent and immersive AI implementation for animals.
  • Construct complex factories in space using machines, conveyors, and computers.
  • Perform surgeries, cure diseases, and other medical aliments faced by other Stationeers.